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    I was inundated with phone calls from friends and family (even while I was still in the hospital). The phone was ringing nonstop. When my husband had stepped out of the room for a minute, I remember answering my cell phone right after surgery (while still somewhat incoherent and unable to talk) and it was [...]

  • OK so it is 10:53 and I have insomnia (for the 4th night!). So, I am finally going to put the pen to paper (or so to speak) and I apologize for the ramble. Rick, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope I can live up to your expectations. I’m now on day 5 of the fabulous low iodine diet! 2 more weeks to go. But all in all, I am feeling much better.

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      It’s 5:04 and I have the same. So how is the low iodine diet? Did you find anything anywhere that helps to make it more palatable?

      • It isn’t too bad if you can cook your own food (which is kind of hard to do when you are in the middle of moving). It just takes a bit of planning. I am trying to stay away from restaurants but if I have to go somewhere that food is being served, I eat beforehand and try to bring both a little baggie of my own salt (just in case something is ok…[Read more]

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          Great advice. Sounds like a pretty bland 3 weeks. Any cookbooks available for your diet?

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      Congratulations on your acceptance to Columbia Presbyterian Fellowship in Gyn oncology. I know how much you’ve sacrificed and how hard you’ve worked. You will truly be an incredible asset to the field of women’s cancers. I am honored to be considered one of your colleagues. Now get out there and cure some cancer!