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    In a sense, it is a simple answer, I’m not ready “to go”. That alternative is just too final for me. Really, I still have so many reasons, 9 solid ones with outreaching possibilities. They are my siblings, my children, my granddaughter, my children-in-law. I want so much to show them Jesus, to help them [...]

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    I’m home from surgery #3. It went quite well – no pain at all. I’m not out of the woods but they are thinning. We won’t know for a bit but there is probably more radiation in my future. Thank you for the prayers. Roxanna

    • Glad to hear surgery went well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    • Hello Roxanna, So glad to hear from you. You have been in my prayers and thoughts so much lately. Keep up with the positive thoughts, I know God has more good plans for you. I am here for you so let me know how things are going. Much Love and blessings to you, Debbie

  • My biggest caregiver is Marilyn. When I moved home in 2009 she befriended me and invited me to the community Bible study. When she found out that I was facing cancer she jumped in with both feet. Marilyn is a cancer survivor and has told me more than once that no one should go through [...]

  • Hey Debbie. Thanks. It was good to meet you as well. My worst nightmare was realized, I am going to have #3 surgery on Tuesday (9 Aug). This time the lymph nodes. What a shocker but no one has said this road is going to be easy. When I told my kids about this latest [...]

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    Andrea: I’m not sure but it would be worth a try. I was on the other end when I had my chemo (constipation) but I know that the metamucil helped me and unchained me from the “throne”. It isn’t bad tasting either like it was years ago. There is also a pelvic diet that can [...]

  • Well my friends, I am about to face another round of surgery (#3). I keep praying that one of these days I will reach that 3-month check-up with a “your okay, see you in another 3″ even though it keeps eluding me. I’m sorry to say that I had my pity party but now I am trying to brace myself for surgery and know that this is one more detour on…[Read more]

  • In 2010 I had my first go round with uterine cancer. All the offending parts of me were taken out and I was on to chemo and radiation. Neither treatment produced a lot of side effects so I carried on. On my very first 3-month check-up I got the dreaded news – the cancer is [...]

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    While having radiation, it seemed I would forever have diarrhea. The radiation nurses clued me in on something that ultimately helped me. I have imodium and even a perscription for lomotil but the nurses said that I should have plenty of fiber in my system to combat the runs. One glass of metamucil in the [...]

  • How shallow is the human faith! At this posting, I have had the second surgery and recouping nicely. Even constantly praying I went fearfully into the surgery – knowing He was there with me; guiding Dr B’s hands; cradling me tightly in His arms – He truely provides the desires of our hearts. Oh Father I give you the thanks, the glory is Yours.…[Read more]

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      We are only human. We are all fallable. And we all need guidance…especially me. Thank you for your trust and kind words. I’m so happy that your recent journey has been easier than anticipated,

  • Hello Everyone: I don’t log on too often but I do read the e-mail everytime I get one. I know that my faith and the prayers of so many who know me have pulled me through this journey. Last February I went through the process of surgery, chemo and radiation for uterine cancer. The love and support of fellow believers carried me through this…[Read more]

    • Roxanna, I’m so sorry. You’ve heard the words that every cancer survivor fears the most. But it sounds as though you got things pretty well under control: dealing with grief, rallying those who you love around you, and looking toward your faith. I’ll put out an email to see if anyone else has other thoughts. I’ll be praying for you.

      • Gee Wiz, I truly have no words I can say to Roxanna. I wish there was. I feel helpless. I want it to all go away for her, but know that there’s nothing I can really do other than pray, which I will do for her and all the dear ones I have met through my journey. It’s been almost three years for me now and ,believe it or not, I’ve just…[Read more]

    • Mary, thank you for your prayers. Right now I covet those so much. I won’t say that this didn’t rock my world, because it did. I did not consider myself a cancer survivor because I was just getting to the first step of going down that road. I knew when I went in to meet with Dr Boulay that something was going on but I had hoped that it was…[Read more]

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      Welcome Roxanna. Its really nice to find you’ve joined our community. We are striving to develop a network of cancer survivors and caregivers to have a meeting place specifically related to cancer survivorship issues. Please feel free to visit the forums section to add your voice to the growing list of personal experiences that have defined your…[Read more]