• Jodi Lameo posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    In August/September 2013 while shaving I found and felt a soft lump in my throat on right side of neck, which was the size of half dollar. Primary care doctor thought initially it was an ingrown hair or sebaceous cyst. In November 2013, I went for ultra sound, it showed a mass, which I had biopsied before Christmas, which showed markers for cancer. January 29, 2014, I had first surgery in out patient at Regional Hospital in Scranton by Dr Mark Fratalli ENT, it was a mass 6-7 millimeters, squamous cell carcinoma. I had a pet scan, it lit up the top of the right tonsil. I had second surgery February 12, 2014, a 4 hr surgery by Dr. Mark Fratalli at Regional Hospital to remove tonsils and 52 lymph nodes, which were all clean for cancer. I spent overnight in ICU and then 3-4 days on 9th floor with drainage tubes in my chest. I started 30 straight radiation treatments at Delta Medix Cancer Center under the guidance of Dr Rodney Wegner, onocologist/radiologist. I had a rough time with the radiation treatments, it caused me a bad case of thrush infection in throat, dehydration, ended up in Moses Taylor Hospital for 3 days in April 2014, also had food tube placed in for feeding by Dr. Michael Sunday. I finished radiation treatments May/June 2014. I had another pet scan, it showed me clean of cancer. I have been cancer free since then. I am recovering now and feeling good, having good and bad days.