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    I think learning one has cancer affects different people in different ways. In my 14-year battle with cancer, having two surgeries a year to keep the tumors at bay, I have had the opportunity to talk with many “new” cancer patients and spouses. Although I found myself divorced as a result of the stress and [...]

  • I was consumed in anger. But I think what angered me most was those who look upon us as “different”. I have met so many survivors who said spouses were “tired” of living with someone who was sick, and that angers me. I am angered when I realize that former co-workers or friends are “busier” [...]

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    When I learned I heard I had Cancer, I remembered the Lady who had Breast Cancer… She said I had to get mad – Mad as Hell and stand up to this thing ! I channeled my anger back into the monster living inside me and survived.

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      Hello darrell. Welcome and I am so glad you can join us . We are a community of cancer survivors and caregivers who are sharing their experiences on our journeys through cancer. We believe that the true experts in the field are those who have travelled it themselves and we seek to share the wisdom we’ve gathered along the way. A cancer diagnosis…[Read more]