• My chemo is done and I have only one more radiation rx. to go!! I have gained 8 lbs. and I am so upset about it! I have had to diet my whole life,from when I was 9yrs. I was”pleasingly plump” as stated by my best friend’s aunt. Clothing at that time was called”chubbette sizing”. [...]

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    My husband and I have always been independent and the “fixers” in most situations.I don’t know if that makes most people,including family and friends,unable to ask if we need help. I feel like we are in this as always,by ourselves. My support group has been my husband,son,brother,and one neighbor. This neighbor support person visited me [...]

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    This is a very hard one. With my nursing career I have been in many,many situations where sometimes you have to draw the line with re empathy. That may sound cruel but it is realistic. My cancer journey so far has made me finally see that I need to make boundaries for myself. I need [...]

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    Hi to all,
    Sorry I haven’t posted anything. I am new to all this. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in March 2011. I have the papillary serous type which is a rare aggressive type and therefore in addition to the total hysterectomy I need chemo and radiation treatments. I have completed three chemo. treatments to date. I have passed the BIG…[Read more]

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      Glad you took the plunge and no need at all to apologize. We all start by taking a few steps along the journey before we realize we have anything to contribute and the BAM! Tons of knowledge coming from the most difficult part of the journey. The first few steps. Anyway, lets create a uterine cancer survivorrship network for you and the many…[Read more]

      • I would be happy to join the group.Thanks. While pondering this new group,I listened to Dr.B’s rendition of “The Prayer”,”Ave Maria”,”Con Te Partiro” from his two cd”s. During this listening I realized again the comforting feelings music imparts. Please do not think this is morbid,but I want at my funeral a brief 15minute listening period…[Read more]

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      Hello Bernadette. Welcome and I am so glad you can join us .You are our 100th subscriber! We are a community of cancer survivors and caregivers who are sharing their experiences on our journeys through cancer. We believe that the true experts in the field are those who have travelled it themselves and we seek to share the wisdom we’ve gathered…[Read more]