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    I am a 27 year old with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that metastasised throughout my bones and caused lesions on my liver. It has also caused my spleen to enlarge and my pancreas to disease. I was given this news in July 2010 when I had gone to the emergency room because I thought I was having Kidney failure. I had known about my lump since March 2009.…[Read more]

    • rick replied 7 years ago · ·

      Saw this post this morning Crystal and it’s been with me all day. It also took me this long to get the courage to try to address some of the issues you raise. First of all, I think anyone who reads this immediately comes to the conclusion that life can be very unfair, and cancer’s indiscriminate choice of who’s life in decides to invade…[Read more]

    • Crystal,
      From the moment I heard about your situation my heart broke! I have tried in anyway that I could to support you..even though we have yet to meet!! I am in awe of your strength & courage.There’s not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts & prayers. Friends you thought were your friends that feel that you are contagious…[Read more]

    • Hi Crystal, I just had the time to log on and read your story. Life throws bumps in the road from time to time and I’m sure that moving back home wasn’t in your plans. Just think of the comfort it will bring to your children at your time of need. Don’t look at it as failure, but a blessing to be with the people that love you the most. One piece…[Read more]

    • Hi Crystal!!
      I just read your story and it broke my heart… Right now you need to stay positive. I know it’s better said than done. But those friends that treat you like you’re contagious, aren’t your friends. You need positive friends in your life, friends that’ll help you and listen to you when you need them. I may not know you, but if…[Read more]