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Do we really care what cancer related charities do with the money? (5 posts)

  • Profile picture of rick rick said 6 years, 1 month ago:

    Politics makes estranged bedfellows. Goodman Ace

    Susan G Komen for the Cure really stepped in it this week. Their decision to no longer fund Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening created a huge firestorm that resulted in a ton of bad PR and a significant decline in donations. Other Komen “behavior not becoming a charity” has been reported: suing other not for profits for using the “for the cure” in their name or event and giving only 20% of their collections to research. Several other large cancer charities have been accused of similar things.

    So my question is simple. When you give money to cancer related charities, do you really care what they do with it? Or is it good enough to just “give and forget.”

  • Profile picture of Eileen Young Eileen Young said 6 years, 1 month ago:

    I definitely care how much of my money is used for research. I want research for the cure, I do not want to support fancy office suites and events that cost more to execute than what they raise for research. Too many people donate “blindly” and have no idea where their hard-earned money is actually going. I look at the financial statement of the organization before I write a check. I never donate to phone requests.

  • Profile picture of Patricia Patricia said 6 years, 1 month ago:

    The annual salary of the Susan G. Komen CEO earns $456,437/year. I agree it is a good idea to check an organizations financial statement before donating.

  • Profile picture of Sarah Blakeley Sarah Blakeley said 6 years, 1 month ago:

    I have long disliked the big SGK machine. I feel the are other groups that spend funds more appropriately. I also feel like this will level the playing field for other types of cancer that are more deadly and there are not annual screenings for ie ovarian.

  • Profile picture of rick rick said 6 years, 1 month ago:

    We are challenged everyday on how best to spend out hard earned money. I am fortunate to be able to put aside some to go to charitable endeavors. But I want that money to work hard. And even though I spend most of my waking (and some days) sleeping hours focused on cancer related topics, I still like to support other charitable causes. Each time though, I make my choices on how best to spend that money. And if something comes along that isn’t in the budget, I add it for next year.

    I tend to choose smaller start up and local charities where I can see the passion at work and feel comfortable with the mission. Charity Navigator referenced earlier also gives a nice overview of what percentage of your dollars go where. So I rarely give and forget. And as for the charity referenced as well as other 800 pound gorilla charities, I have rarely supported them financially, although I have done volunteer work for some . I really don’t like some of the strong arm tactics they use.
    There is room for everyone compelled to give of their time, talent or treasure in the world of cancer related charities. Find a place that matches your personal mission. I would encourage others to really look into what their giving supports. You might be surprised at what is done.